Auto-Flex (Fuel, Oil, Water)

A Stainless braided hose at a competitive price with the imports. Earl's AUTO-FLEX HTE Stainless braided protected synthetic rubber hose is manufactured to our specifications in the USA.

Earl?s Auto-Flex? hose features a recommended temperature range and maximum operating pressure equal to our premium quality Perform- O-Flex? hose? at a much better price.

A partial coverage textile inner braid is embedded in the HTE? liner during manufacture. The hose is finished with a full coverage stainless steel braid which is bonded to the reinforced HTE? liner. Continuous use temperature rating is -40˚ to +300˚F.

The pressure ratings shown are only valid when Auto-Flex? hose is used with either Swivel-Seal? or Auto-Fit? hose ends. The use of other manufacturers? hose ends is not recommended.

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