Pro-Lite (Fuel, Oil, Water)

Serious racers and street performers can benefit from the light weight, durability and temperature characteristics of our Pro Lite 350? hose. With a maximum pressure rating of 350 psi and an operating temperature range of -40? F to +300? F, the Pro Lite 350? hose can take the most demanding conditions and still deliver you to the winners circle. Replacing the existing steel braided oil, fuel and coolant hoses on a typical circle track car can save you as much as 30 lbs!

The Pro Lite 350? hose has a tough, abrasion resistant Nylon sheathing, bonded to the textile inner braid embedded in the synthetic rubber liner. This gives the hose incredible flexibility while maintaining the ability to withstand high vacuum (27 inches/hg) and hot oil temperatures.

?Pro Lite 350? hose has been specifically designed to use EARL?S Swivel Seal?, Auto-Fit? and Auto Crimp? Hose ends exclusively. The use of other manufacturers hose ends is not recommended and may compromise the pressure capabilities and durability of the hose.

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