Speed-Flex (Brakes Clutch Fuel)

In recent years various fuel manufacturers have added any number of new unpublished additives to their blends rendering some of them incompatible with synthetic rubber lined hose. Earl's Speed-Flex Teflon lined stainless braided hose is impervious to any automotive fuel blend known to us and may be the best choice for use with modern racing fuels.

The use of stainless braid protected Teflon brake hose assemblies will result in a firmer brake pedal, improved brake pedal feel and better brake modulation.

Since brake actuation produces high pressure with very little fluid displacement, we recommend -2 & -3 SPEED-FLEX for brake systems. Clutch actuation, requires moderate pressure but considerable displacement of fluid. For hydraulic clutch systems we recommend the use of -3 & -4 SPEED-FLEX.

All SPEED-FLEX hoses are compatible with petrol, hydrocarbon fuels, alcohols, nitro-methane, mineral and synthetic lubricants, and high density fuel additives. Size 6 and 8 are carbon lined to dissipate static electricity.

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